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We are Brain and Body Recess experts in health specializing in corporate wellness programs and individual massage services. Finally, you have found wellness that works for you.

Brain and Body Recess co-owners, Dr. John & Parnisia Thomas have a unique gift of touch that transcends the mind, body, and spirit.  Together, the couple has 35 years of hands-on healing experience and continues to be sought-after by many well-known celebrities, professional athletes, and influencers worldwide.

When you find wellness that works, you tend to stick with it. At least that is the case here, as the accolades, positive reviews, and client testimonials pile up year after year for these two leaders in the alternative healthcare arena.

Over the years, these holistic health care providers often step in when other practitioners fail to help people not only avoid surgery but also to live pain-free. They specialize in improving or eliminating stubborn debilitating conditions that do not respond well to opioids, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, or other conventional modalities. 

Parnisia specializes in energy work, limbic decoding, and massage therapy including couples massage instruction, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage, and polarity therapy.  Services offered include Limbic Hacking, Reiki, Visceral Manipulation, Fascial Release, and Mindfulness Meditation.

She is known as “The Limbic Hacker,” is a Board Certified Sports Massage Therapist, Holistic Bodyworker, Muscle Stripping, and Wellness Expert, Parnisia enjoys improving the vitality of her clients through increased body-awareness and self-care. Parnisia says that most of her clients have chaotic lifestyles. What brings her joy is being able to be a positive outlet and to provide lasting solutions to help her clients find balance in the chaos.

Parnisia Thomas is a gifted integrated massage expert. For years, she has been seamlessly combining massage techniques with energy healing for her clients. Taking her integrated massage techniques to another level, Parnisia has developed something new. It is unlike anything else. The technique is Limbic Hacking and Parnisia is known as the Limbic Hacker. This is considered a Coaching Service as it requires the client and Parnisia to work together focused on resetting the brain link to the body, decrease pain and increase capacity. This is done by decoding negative emotions, events, conditions, and past regrets through a series of assessments, holistic bodywork, exercises, affirmations, meditations, mindfulness techniques and more. Limbic Hacking can connect the mind, body, spirit, and soul in ways most people will never experience in their lifetime.

Having worked in the medical field for over twenty years, Parnisia appreciates the importance of alternative healing as a complementary therapy. Parnisia has obtained well over 1500 hours in training and continuing education. As an expert in her field, Parnisia Thomas has taught Massage Therapy in both college and private workshop settings for many years. Parnisia specializes in Sports Massage, Dr. Thomas’ Muscle Stripping Protocol, the Daucik Method, Postural Retraining, Fertility Massage, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage, Limbic Hacking and Relaxation.

Parnisia spends much of her time involved in causes and activities that empower girls and young women. Through her dedication to this cause, she decided to develop her own organization. Her non-profit (High Heal International),  in the planning stages now, empowers girls and women by increasing their self-esteem, enhancing life skills, spiritual formation and self-sufficiency through financial mentorship and technology training.

Parnisia is a foodie that enjoys her yoga practice, and kickboxing. Parnisia said, “I always feel blessed to be able to gift others with the gift of self-care and touch.”

Parnisia collaborated with “ The Running Doctor” Dr. John Thomas, D.C., on the innovative technique widely known as “Dr. Thomas’ Muscle Stripping Protocol.” This deep tissue manual therapy breaks up adhesions (scar tissue) in the muscle fiber and has rehabilitated professional golfers and instructors, Olympic Runners, NFL, and NBA Players, Triathletes, along with Cyclists and Marathon Runners.


Chiropractic Care is courtesy of "The Running Doctor." Dr. Thomas is a celebrity sports chiropractor working with elite and Olympic athletes, notably long-distance marathon runners and triathletes for 25 years. 


Not only does Dr. John Thomas, DC help patients injured in car accidents but he also helps patients with back pain of various degrees of severity. He provides full-body chiropractic wellness sessions, whole-body detoxification, and nutritional programs along with healthy cooking demonstrations.

Corporate Wellness Services include on-site therapeutic massage, at your desk yoga, and at work meditation techniques to increase productivity and improve health.


Our Individual Massage Services are loved by pro athletes and weekend warriors to speed recovery and increase endurance and for non-athletes in need of relaxation, too. Dr. Thomas's Muscle Stripping Protocol, Limbic Hacking, Deep Tissue, and Athlete Specific Sports Massage for Runners, Golfers, Soccer and Tennis Players are just a few of our time-tested five-star reviewed services.


Couples Wellness Services

Couples Massage Workshops, Couples RetreatsRetreats, Getaway Weekends for Couples, and Couples Spa Experiences


Featured Services


Includes 1hr of Private Yoga Alignment for two

Foot Soak

Couples Massage

Healthy Appetizer & Alkaline Beverage

Rose Petal Herbal Shower or Mineral Bath 




Bonding time for couples

Couples Massage for two

Walk on a rose path or soak in a rose petal foot bath

Complimentary wine or champagne and Appetizer

Couples are 2 people romantically or platonically connected.


Hot stone and

Soy Wax Massage

Natural lavender, chamomile, lemon, or sage warm soothing soy candle wax is applied in smooth, gliding strokes Swedish massage strokes. Firm but gentle pressure and Hot Stones are applied to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. Hot stones are u to slip into a calm state of relaxation. Afterward, melt into an elegant soy milk bath and enjoy an alkaline beverage and light snack.




75 Minutes of Private Yoga Alignment

Improve your Yoga Practice Personal one-on-one Yoga instructor guides you through proper Yoga posing and movement correcting alignment​

Experience Yoga made for you. Every minute customized for your body. Personalized attention like this is not possible in a crowded yoga class.





Achieve peace of mind and let negative thoughts and emotions melt away. Release tension with calming candles as the aromatic relaxation of herbs, like sage, cleanse away the concerns of the day.

Energy assessment to release old patterns

Foot anointing customized with energy healing oils

Herbal tea or alkaline water

Mindful Meditation

Mini Stretch Session Yoga

Chakra Balancing and Cleansing

Massage with healing oils to clear the Chakras

Soothing Golden Mud,  Whiskey, or Oat Milk Body Wrap leaves behind bad thoughts; replacing them with positive ones

Rose Petal Herbal Shower or Mineral Bath

Healthy Appetizer & Alkaline Beverage

Sage burning sends you home protected and focused


Limbic Reset to Release Negative Emotions

Bring harmony to the Spirit, soul, mind, and body

The Limbic Reset guides your body through a transformative process that creates space in your life with no pressure. You channel your negative painful emotions while the gentle technique provides peace of mind allowing you to release those negative emotions.

Energy Assessment 

Foot anointing with customized healing oils

Healing tea or alkaline water

Sage Energy Clearing

Yoga Breathing De-stress Coaching

Massage with music therapy

Chakra Balancing

Limbic Reset to release negative emotion


Herbal infusion


Allure Business Services
Houston, TX

"Thank you for providing wellness seminars that educate our team on the benefits of balance through meditation, nutrition,  workplace injuries and massage therapy.”

Atlanta, GA

“It is extremely difficult to get our team out of the office for a breather. Corporate Brain & Body Recess practitioners are professional, efficient and well trained at promoting balance.”

MORE 5-STAR reviews



Corporate Wellness Benefits

Corporate Brain & Body Recess Individual and Corporate Services benefit business, brain, and body. We motivate healthy change, inspire healthy habits, and encourage healthy living. As an individual, it is up to you to invest in your health. We can help you do that with our services including massage therapy. For businesses, highly productive people are invaluable and maximizing their potential can take your organization to the next level. That is why it pays to take care of your team and yourself.





Corporate Wellness Services

Corporate Chair Massage is a non-intrusive way to incorporate wellness into the workday. We come to you and massage onsite, only a small area is needed, and no one ever disrobes. Among the benefits of Corporate Chair Massage are reduced stress and increased team morale.



Want a boost? Skip the coffee and take a Corporate Brain Recess. It is a serious productivity booster. We get your team to take a brain break by turning their attention to something new and fun. Studies show that focus is renewed and creativity soars upon returning to work.



Remind your team to take care of the one body they have with a Corporate Body Recess. They will know how much you value their health when we alleviate their physical stress and fatigue with massage therapy. Give onsite massage at work or gift certificates for massage to book with us anytime.



Too much sitting is bad for your health. Break up your workday and de-stress with yoga - at your desk.  No yoga pants required, keep your business clothes on and prepare to connect body and mind at your desk.  



Meditation is the pathway to mindfulness. Learn Mindful Meditation techniques to use during the workday while at your desk. Add mindful meditation to your workday to focus and get more done in less time.



Workshops, Seminars, and Retreats promote health and are sure to motivate your team. Our goal is to increase focus, reduce fatigue, and improve productivity while educating your team on the tricks of the trade.






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